Wednesday, 22 December 2010

chloe sevigny for opening ceremony

Chloe Sevigny had a wee rant the other day after a journalist called her a “style-icon”. The actress groaned, “I guess I am stylish, but I would rather have people come up and say ‘I really liked your performance in this or that’ than ‘I really like the way you dress’. That irks me.” I know some people find it hard to take a complement but jeez, calm down.
Anyway, just to prove that Chloe Sevigny is SO much more than just a style icon here are some promotional shots for her new Opening Ceremony line…
Even if she doesn’t want to admit it, this collection is very true to Chloe’s style of dressing; mixing flirty dresses with huge chunky, almost maculine, footwear. The daring lengths emphasize her long toned legs and the sunglasses finalise the look, adding her valued and envied, effortless grunge appeal. 
Whether her majesty likes it or not, she is a style icon. FACT. and this collection will sell out faster than the others. FACT. to be honest, i’m fed up writing about her because i just know she wouldn’t be grateful and would probably throw it back in my sour little face.

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