Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Regardless of weather conditions; whether it be knee-deep snow or 50 degrees heat, i spend the entire year in my doc martens. For me, they are the most conventional of footwear, stylish- in an odd way, they have good grip, a strong thick sole and are fairly comfortable once you are past the agonising pain of breaking them in, usually suffered for seven days consecutively depending on how determined you are to conquer the extreme discomfort.
I plan to expand my little collection of a unique red patterned 8 hole pair, which i received for my 15th birthday and a more recently obtained 10 hole pair in black, to match the rest of my wardrobe. They are, as some might call them, my “style staples”. I love everything about them, the heavy masculinity against a little tea dress, i appreciate their convenience but most of all, i like what they represent in fashion and beyond. 
They have such rich history beginning in Munich and making its way over to Britain to be incorporated into punk era of the 1970s, the new wave styling of the 1980’s, the goths of the 1990s and stopping off in more modern times to be found on the feet of aging punks, most german people and 20 year old girls like me with not an ounce of fashion sense to spare.
Most admirable, however, is how the brand continues to grow and develop to fit times and trends whilst still remaining true to their roots with the same, recognised look. Although, i love my ragged old boots i’m a big fan of the newer style, somewhat similar to a brogue. There is a HUGE variation of patterns from floral and feminine to statement animal print and not forgetting the original block coloured favourites.
For me they are the best thing that britain has to offer (overlooking the fact that they did not actually originate from anywhere in the united kingdom)
pressdays SS11 DrMartens Dr Martens for Spring 2011!

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