Tuesday, 11 January 2011

American Apparel take a turn for the wierder

American Apparel never stray from controversy. I was confused by their 2007 billboard featuring woody allen dressed as a rabbi and now, facing bankruptcy, it seems that the retailer has decided there is nothing left to lose with an ad campaign that reaches new levels of bizarre.
Most notably odd, amongst the knickerless girl hanging from a tree and the topless lady painting her nails in a room full of mannequins, is the model sporting the fetching underarm stubble.
People have branded the new posters “creepy”; saying that american apparel have gone “too far” with this one, but for some reason i have to disagree. Don’t ask me why, but i see the funny side whether it be intentional or not… gotta love a bit of tasteless sleaze, right?
Au naturel: American Apparel's new campaign for spring features a model showing her underarm hair
Creepy: A topless model paints her nails in a room full of mannequins

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