Thursday, 6 January 2011

enough already!

Two years ago Victoria Beckham was the former spice girl turned queen of the wags, with the tacky pout and the even tackier hair extensions. Chavvy teenage girls idolised her “iconic” style while the rest of us mocked it. So, whenever Posh announced that she was turning her manicured hand to the art of fashion design we envisaged oversized sunglasses, skinny jeans, tight minis and six inch heels but she astounded us all with something we did not expect; a classy debut collection that would earn her even more credibility than money.
Since then, everyone has been speculating that her good pal roland mouret has been the talent behind the pout, as her designs drew a striking comparison with some of mouret’s creations. However, as she continued to impress; showing versatility and moving away from the “mouret-esque” look, the frenzy of suspicion gradually died down…that is until recently when a journalist decided to dig it all up again in an interview with roland mouret who replied with, “Oh my God, that question! Politicians, movie stars, it’s always the first things they want to know and I’m like, why? Why would I want to design a collection for Victoria Beckham? Yes she is a friend and yes she asks for advice and yes I told her the name of a pattern cutter, but she has lots of friends she asks for advice - Marc Jacobs. I like to help people that’s all.”
It seems that everyone is reluctant to award Victoria with the credit for something she appears to have worked very hard for and clearly does with passion. However, Mrs Beckham is able to shake negativity from these ludicrous allegations by approaching them with flattery; “I suppose if people think the clothes are too good for me to have designed them, that’s a backhanded compliment. Look, I don’t draw, but nor do lots of designers. I tie things around me. I experiment with ideas and I try to work out a way to make everything flattering and make a woman feel beautiful. Oprah Winfrey recently asked me to make her a dress. I must be doing something right.”
I believe that if she continues to churn out the goods, then these vicious little stories will die quietly, only to be reincarnated into some other sensationalist crap. We should just accept that Victoria Beckham has found her calling, i mean, is it really so hard to believe that she has talent beyond her marvellous singing ability…..?

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