Tuesday, 4 January 2011


i love receiving advice that i know will stay with me forever and among all of the wise words that have ever been bestowed upon me was the line “wear all of your favourite things at once” Whenever i recall this sentence, i think of one person in particular; Anna dello Russo, simply because she is the embodiment of this idea.
She is eccentric with no apologies, a couture queen and owns  over 4000 PAIRS OF SHOES!!!! I admire/envy her for that alone.
“When I was ten, my mother would say, ‘OK, Anna, we need to buy you some new jeans,’ and I’d reply, ‘Jeans? I don’t like jeans, I need a Versace jacket!’ My mother used to say I looked like a Christmas tree; I would wear everything at the same time. I still do. I’m a maximalist”, “Supermarket? “I don’t go to the supermarket! I’d rather buy clothes. Clothes are my religion.” Anna Dello Russo tells glamour magazine

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