Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Candy girl

The Missoni empire of knits sprinkled a sweet sugar coating over the a/w catwalk, enchanting us with a child-like confectionary dream, gradually disentangling to expose a web of mythical rapture.

The collection was a fine desert, soothing with muted hues of marshmallow pastels in a blendable degradee charm. Fleecy knitted components acquired nonchalant seasonal layers, releasing a syrupy heaviness which deviated aerially with balmy candy-floss furs. In addition, whimsical florals and candied pyjama patterns softly uncurled the misty angelic innocence of a bed-time fairytale. The result was romantically lyrical.

However, against the idyllic harmony, rose rigorously contradicting, sherbet-shaded snakeskins, unfolding a mythical margin, shadowed beneath a celestial fairy tale. This sense of contorted fragmentation intensified further through dysfunctional oversized tailoring, broken plaids and irregular menswear fundamentals.

It was a melodic antethisis to the ethereal fantasy, yet still remained cushioned poetry in fluid motion

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