Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Here we go round the mulberry bush

Scrolling through Mulberry's pre-fall collection, a voice kept repeating in my head "tillie tillie tillie tillie etc etc" I WANT A GOD DAMN TILLIE!!! (if not, a bayswater or alexa would do nicely) So, i tried really hard to keep by eyes off the bags and soon came to realise that the clothes were rather pleasant too.

This "season" (yes i will continue with the sarcastic quotation marks until we escape the clutches of darn pre-fall) Mulberry's girl was a country bumpkin (do people say that? i dunno) She explored the pastoral setting in mainly autumnal neutrals, camels and browns in comfortable layers.

 In addition to this, smarter workwear was on offer; tweeds, checks and school-girl pleats administered a typically british sensibility.

The cute duffell coats, fitted shorts and casual denims will appeal to the trend following masses. As far as pre-fall goes, Mulberry gets a wee thumbs up.

Mulberry Pre-Fall 2011

Mulberry Pre-Fall 2011

Mulberry Pre-Fall 2011

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