Saturday, 19 February 2011

Twilight 2.0

If popular culture has taught us anything, it is that mythical matters are a must have. just as long as its not another god damn vampire.

Dark folkloric forces came out to play in Maria Grachvogel's fall collection. Werewolves, ravens and creatures of the night appeared via impressionist digital prints and dragged us unwittingly into an eerie forest, lit only by the mysterious glow of the full moon. Sensual drapery intensified the collection and empowered the feminine silhouette whilst capturing the magical essence of a supernatural fantasy.

The offering was classic with a brush of eastern sophistication supported by slicked back buns and a warrior-like demeanor. Grown up catsuits were tailored stylishly with trouser legs that billowed like extensions of the earth and the vampy bite moved deeper with beguiling high waists and gothic lace accents.

Maria Grachvogel has brought to London fashion week, what Robert Pattinson brings to the vulnerable heart of a teenage girl.

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