Sunday, 6 March 2011

Can i borrow that gun for a second?

For a/w 2011, Pheobe Philo rummaged deep into her magicians bag of designing tricks and hey presto-ed and exuberant collection of brash colour clashes within hyper-realist digital prints, fashioned through trompe l'oeil appendages and dysfunctional cuts. ah NAAAAAATT


I may have been relentlessly and somewhat belligerently "opinionated" about Pheobe Philo's contribution to Celine. I have been, let's say, "considerably distasted" by the minimalist wearability of recent collections (ie mega snorefest) However, pre-fall's modern urban camouflage combinations, had me crossing my fingers for some promising advances.

Buuuuttt, it's time to seperate my fingers and SMASH THEM TO PIECES WITH A GIANT BLOODY HAMMER!!!

I WOULD say "what a loathesome bundle of boring, shitty crap" but as i adopt a soft unbiased tone, i bring you an impartial analysis of Celine a/w 2011.

Philo's genesis of wearable style was brought to us in a plethora of stable and gentle hues of beige, brown, cream and black which were incorporated into a stream-lined silhouette of heavy hunting jackets and slender riding pants. There was also an elegant golf club sophistication alongside strict military lineage; polo shirts were uniformed with lean pants under neat, manly-tailored jackets, sometimes coupled with kick-flare dresses intertwining unconventional textures, such as chiffon and leather.

Toward the mid-section, Philo actually decided to do something interesting....sorry, i mean she laid her hand to experimental wood-grain prints upon boyishly framed suits that were thankfully tamed with romantic fur trimmings -

ok i can't do this anymore, i have no ounce of fondness for this lifeless, irksome, insipidly boring excuse for a collection which makes me want to gouge out my eyes with a rusty spoon and then proceed to insert them up the anus of an accomodating farm animal, then slaughter said animal and conclude by eating it raw.

Better luck next time Philo


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