Sunday, 6 March 2011

If you go down to the woods today....

Tonight, Ricardo Tisci takes us on a midnight trek into foreboding surroundings never before ventured.

Under a floral, labyrinth passageway,  a swarm of Givenchy models graced the moonlit promenade, victims of the ominous and sinister ambiance. Playing upon the malevolent fearfulness, Tisci was drawn to a recurring night-marish panther motif, persistently patterned throughout the collection, obscured by night-sky blacks, deep indigos and emeralds but occasionally alarmed by chilling, hysterical shrieks of neon yellow.

Tensions remained heightened as mystic creatures manifested themselves within wolf-like furs and cushioned velvets extending to the crown where beastly ears protruded. Mostly, the sinister force nested beneath forestial table-cloth prints upon 1990s eerily shapeless, darkened mohair pullovers and became slowly suppressed by anxious high collars, armoured with jewels and taut satin pencil skirts that clung to the body for dear life.

Edging towards apprehensive wearability, the designer debuted a stunning style of peplum, tulip skirt with an affixing sheer, cylindrical column in textiles venturing from velvetine to leather, sometimes fixed tightly in structure but often swaying nonchalantly with ease.

Aghast by his acute versatility and creative endurance, i have become suffocated by Tisci's profound capabilities and if re-shuffle rumours are to be believed- Givenchy could be losing necessary limbs.

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