Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Sacrilegious Sex Appeal

If, like me, you are on an ASOS diet; adopting mandatory avoidance techniques to dodge spending money on  shiny things, then BACK THE HELL AWAY RIGHT NOW.

With a new collection for ASOS Marketplace, London based designer, Simon Preen has excited my online shopping cravings and nuzzled a little itch for bank account suicide.

What a bastard.

His 17 piece line reels you in with minimalist gothic notions of hollow black corsetry, blunt edges and 1990s subculture silhouettes. However, the cunning Mr Preen does not cease to unravel by submerging us into deeper, more intriguing, waters with sharp linear panelling working as an antagonistic force against supple feminine curves.

Ranging from an affordable £30 - £135,  the collection follows the vein of Preen's Urban Outfitters collaborations; employing a recurring crucifix motif upon mesh and crochet body-con fitting. Breeding an ironic conception of sexless sensuality, Simon Preen's creations do a provocative balancing act between traditional masculine and feminine definitions giving him an innovative, and somewhat resourceful, edge.

You can try to stop yourself from craving, but don't say i didn't warn you...


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