Wednesday, 6 July 2011

In heaven, an angel is no-one in particular - Givenchy Couture fall 2011

As the antidote to fast disposable fashion, Haute Couture is a master crafted artistry, exuding luxury and fantasy whilst permitting creativity and experimentation which would be otherwise impossible in a ready-to-wear time frame. For those who can afford it, it's an investment and furthermore, a visual representation of a designer's vision, achieving a sense of individuation from society, time and even from this world.  For the rest of us who cant afford it; it's magic.

Ricardo Tisci is our greatest couturier. His innate ability as an innovative visionary sees no limits, with regard to his immaculate, intricate endeavours. Suspended from the ceiling of La Place Vendome, Tisci''s ten celestial dresses caught the natural light and moved with a divine, ethereal grace. Onlookers were bewildered by his laborious otherworldly skill, with ornamental hand-sewn beads flowing into a degradee effect.

If an angel got married, she would wear a Givenchy dress. Rained upon with iridescent layers of beading, spun with gold thread and laced with fragile tulle; these dresses bore the image of spiritual figurines, like those carved upon grand Italian churches. A personal highlight was a sheer topped gown with long silk fringe, draping from the hip to the floor. Although flesh baring, body concious and heavily sheer, the pieces had a blissful innocence which eradicated the sexual novelty of nudity. It was soft, serene and gentle; a bestowal from a designer who can relate a mystical beauty, beyond our earthly grasp.

A look from the Givenchy haute couture show.


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