Tuesday, 6 March 2012

In a galaxy far, far away - Chanel a/w 2012

The domed interior of the Grand Palais hosted a new fashion cosmos. Giant amethyst crystal shards erupted from the ground  to set an extra-terrestrial tone in a room so white, it was transcendental....bordering on theatrical. This utopia somewhat mirrored the landscape of Superman's home-planet, Krypton. But who needs the man in tights when we have Karl Lagerfeld and his bionic capabilities.

Has earth become too easy?

On Planet Karl models were crystallized from head to toe. Sparkle found itself in the glistening stones that covered their eyebrows, trapped in the perspex heels of their shoes and embedded into shimmering tweeds. Geometric mineral patterns on eccentric knits were vivacious and otherworldly. Against potent black, Karl used this opposition to play his own little game of heroes and villains. 

Darkened hues of petrol green and sapphire eclipsed the bright background to a evoke shadowy surroundings and a malevolent atmosphere for the bad-guys. They were cloaked in engulfing oversized coats  that were worn like capes and hair was scraped back severely.

Trousers are a hit in this world. Ankle skimming cigarette pants sneaked from under long jackets and bustling skirts. In tweed, velvet, wool and denim, sometimes dusted with a glistening starry pattern, every pair of pants had specific appeal but mass intrigue - as always with Chanel.

Honestly, I think Lagerfeld just got bored of planet Earth. He's done Paris, he's done Bombay, he's done the future and the past. Planet Karl was destined to materialize; it was a natural progression. But when you've been to infinity and beyond, where do you go from there?

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