Saturday, 21 April 2012

black and gold

Yesterday the lovely Katrina from Sugahfix gave me the opportunity to tag along to her fashion shoot. I was supposed to be helping out but spent most of the time drooling over dresses and stroking things, absolutely blinded by sparkles. I think I  may have some sort of genetic compatibility with magpies.

The theme was black and gold and featured pieces from Ruedi Maguire, Jacob Street Vintage and Una Rodden with accessories by Grainne Maher and headpieces from Ursula Bamford who also attended the shoot. Jayne Higgins, with a massive head of hair in tow, modelled the clothes. She was shot by photographer Ruairi Drayne and beautified by make-up artist D.j Griffin.

The first phase of the shoot was set outdoors, where Jayne played an ethereal nymph in a nude Jacob Street dress, iridescent with streams of silver sequins. Under her romantically tousled (yet ENORMOUS) hair she wore one of Ursula's ornamental crystal headbands which could have easily slipped into the Great Gatsby with its old money, Daisy Buchanan shimmer.

The sun decided to disappear so we moved inside where D.j. transformed Jayne into a vintage temptress with darkened eyes and blood-stained lips. The styling flirted with a 1940s vampy edge, playing with dark sheer fabric, burlesque net veils, feathers and beading. If I was 9ft tall and five inches wide I would have grabbed the rail of clothes and steered myself the whole way home on top of it.

For two years I played the role of stylist/general annoyance on music video shoots. It was incredible, but this was a brand new experience for me. Shooting for stills has more of a coordinated running order with a lot less hanging around waiting for takes and then retakes and a few more re-retakes just for the craic. The team were professional with a clear collaborative vision but were still accommodating and made time for fun...and pizza. 

It was a great day with great clothes and a great number of sequins and I hope I get the chance work with everyone again.

(apologies for the shitty quality of my photos)


  1. So gorge - looks like you had a great time on the shoot!

  2. This shoot looks amazing! I loved the final shots. If it makes you feel any better I also have a sparkle predilection !