Saturday, 15 January 2011

giambattista valli

Look Mr Valli, you need to understand something, a pre-fall collection is like a teaser to fill in the gap between seasons so why on earth are there 56 looks in your line-up?!! eugh, nevertheless, i have to admit, the quantity couldn’t deter my attraction to the quality which felt sensually parisian.
There were mostly fillers in this irrelevantly extensive collection but there were a few hidden gems amidst the vastness. I liked how the colours were sometimes minimalist with the a vibrant print or bright colour thrown in to grab and retain your attention. Overall it was consistently good with some stand-outs being the tailored suits, a black cropped jacket with fur trim and the leopard print ankle boots.
Giambattista Valli Pre-Fall 2011 Giambattista Valli Pre-Fall 2011

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