Thursday, 13 January 2011

Queen Vivienne

As announced a few months back, there has been a nice little change to the Brit awards. The statuette has become a blank canvas to be restyled each year by a chosen “creative individual” and pioneering the new movement is Vivienne Westwood.
Westwood was the first person to make the link between music and fashion during 1970s punk period. Her anarchic influence changed the public’s view on style; it became vehicle for expression and a symbol of rebellion rather than just the way you wear clothes. From that, Dame Viv carved out a legacy that has become such a firm part of british culture, so who better to design 2011’s statuette. 
long live the queen  Dame
Vivienne Westwood Styled BRIT Statue
Transparently chuffed: Jessie J shows off her Critics Choice Brit Award - and rather a lot of her body - at the 2011 shortlist announcement ceremony at London's IndigO2

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