Wednesday, 19 January 2011

when perry met nicoll

I have always wanted a wardrobe littered with Fred Perry. My mum grew up in the mod culture of 1980s and, although some might dub it “horrendous”, i get so jealous of the fashion and so angry that not one polo-neck made it through the 90s for me to wear.
Whenever a new fred perry collection is launched, it is fascinating to observe how the brand develops whilst slowly becoming vintage. I am always curious of how the trademarks are kept in place to comfort loyal customers but also how the pieces are modernised in a bid to attract a new fan-base. Richard Nicoll’s Laurel Wreath collection for Fred Perry appeals to all of the above, and then some.
Laurel Wreath takes most of its inspiration from the 1950s and is primarily influenced by Ken Russell’s iconic portraits of the Teddy Girls. These ladies were working class londoners with a flare for neo-edwardian dressing during a movement which emerged through the post-war period. The women often wore mannish suits and had cropped hairstyles but were not constrained to an androgynous style; accessorising with espadrilles, head scarves and jewellery.
The are very little remnants of the era, excepting Russell’s photography which was of great interest to Richard Nicoll. The designer took the masculine shapes and overall tone of the Teddy Girls and mixed it with the soft pastel colour  blocking from his  own ss 2009 collection. This resulted in a very fresh, contemporary collection with a strong historic undertone. Richard Nicoll’s femininity partners rather perfectly with the Fred Perry signature sports wear.
SS11 Womens Laurel Wreath collection by Richard Nicoll 2 Richard Nicoll for Fred Perry SS11
SS11 Womens Laurel Wreath collection by Richard Nicoll 6 Richard Nicoll for Fred Perry SS11

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