Friday, 4 February 2011

Girlfriend in a Koma

Last year it seemed that every day i awoke to the unwelcome news of yet another designer/highstreet collaboration. I could, of course see the distinct positive accommodations such as making designer fashion accessible to the public, however, my personal distaste was too active to ignore and ultimately got in the way of embracing the phenomenon. I felt that these fraternisations often produced a cheapened and diluted version of designer clothing, making it less luxurious and stripping it of exclusivity. But again, i stress that this is just my pig ignorant personal opinion.

However, that said, i wrote last week rather hypocritically about my excitement for Mary Katranzou's contribution to Topshop and began to see light at the end of a tunnel which at first seemed destructive to my passions. So i guess what i am doing here is trying to justify my swelling elation for David Koma's new collection for Topshop!

David Koma propelled himself into the limelight after a stellar collection at LFW which attracted a little celebrity following. Cheryl Cole and Beyonce are just two names championing his designs; if there is a better platform for a new designer, i'd damn well LOVE to hear about it.

Koma’s ss2011 collection took on  ballerina-chic, the most celebrated trend of 2011, and created Swan Lake for the catwalk. We were given corseted bodices, peplum skirts and tutu-esque pleats in a soft palette of whites, powdered with peaches and pinks for the graceful, elegant touch. As his ballerina's glided down the catwalk to Tchaikovsky's melodies,  Koma even managed to portray the antithesis between good and evil, prominent in most ballets, with a sharp black/white contrast.

The designer's Topshop range strays from the balletic theme but retains the architectural structure and slim bodycon silhouette from his graduate collection. With deep backless dresses and low plunging necklines, Koma does modern sexy, caressed with girly embellishment. Topshop says "David epitomises the directional but feminine look that appeals to our Topshop girl. It was important for the collection to stay true to the luxe element of his work, and to do this we needed to use premium fabrics and his signature shapes and metalwork. Fans of David's work will not be disappointed."

David Koma for Topshop

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