Thursday, 17 February 2011

losing my religion

"You should have fun with fashion. it shouldn't be a church that you pray to" Amen to that.

Jeremy Scott unveiled an attraction that i can believe in. The master of outrageously fun, bubblegum fashion masterpieces bestowed upon a legion of ultra-hip followers, a crazy collection which fused 80s and 90's popular culture together with touch of something holy.

The tongue-in-cheek "enjoy god" slogan was just part of the hi jinks. Alongside many other distorted logos, taken mostly from 1980s superheros and pop movements, Scott invited the 1990s club scene to join the wild shindig.

Any of these looks could have slipped easily into the film "Party Monster" starring Macauley Culkin and Chloe Sevigny, detailing the rise and fall of 90's club scene. The "club kids" were free to be fabulous, dressing scandalously camp in neon brights and exaggerated costumery. Jeremy Scotts fall 2011 collection perfectly captured the shockingly eccentric essence of this era whilst sexing it up with flashes of flesh and doll like technicolour hair and make-up (which very closely resembles last season's meadham kirchhoff collection. but i'll  hold my breathe, ignore that thought and enjoy what i'm seeing..for now)

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