Thursday, 17 February 2011

My great expectation is exceeded

Have you ever read Great Expectations? Georgina Chapman  and Keren Craig clearly have.

 If you haven't had the chance to bore yourself to death over this Dickens Classic, Chapman and Craig siphoned inspiration from the unfortunate character of Miss Havisham; an heiress turned old rotting maid. Betrayed by a lover, Havisham spent the rest of her life as a soul darkened by bitterness and plagued by revenge, barely existing in her desintegrating mansion, dying alongside her worthless riches.

Moved by the despairing tale, Marchesa took the desperate heartache of the character to channel a sinister and forlorn type of beauty. Within the collection, stood the melancholy image of decaying affluence. Bridal-wear took form, as always, but with gothic Victorian edges to mirror the grief of the jilted Miss Havisham.

To explore the character's battle with mortality, the designers portrayed decadence through beading and delicate lace but established a pearly ghostly image and antique-ness within the dresses. Moreover, rather than the formal rigidity of most recent Marchesa collections, Chapman and Craig opted for a softer shape and texture. The whispy fantasy of the gowns concieved tenderness and hidden vulnerability within their chosen character

To be frank, Marchesa have demonstrated the best revenge over an ex lover; to look damn good

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