Sunday, 11 September 2011

Psycho Analyse This - Prabal Gurung - s/s 2011

In perhaps his most experimental collection yet, Prabal Gurung pulled us through a dream like trance, with so many interwoven thematics racing through the subconscious, tearing us apart and blowing the shreds in all directions.

Just when you had identified the feminine; soft mesh and swinging kick-flares, Gurung eclipsed that with urban sportswear pieces in a high fashion setting. Lazer cut jackets paired with athletic running shorts walked past flouncy short dresses with ignorance but absolute tenacity. Androgynous neutrals were splashed with dripping purple water coloured prints that seemed to stay the same but change upon each garment. Ink-blotted and dancing in and out of blue, the prints were kaleidoscopic and mirror image butterfly shapes and before you could be sure, they had become Nobuyoshi Akari's "sensual flowers" that went from first bloom to withered between the models.

White mesh trousers and knee length dresses were vandalised by metallic purple paint and you could almost see each drop rain down the legs towards the feet, shadowing the white, without the ease of normal degradee.  Even wool and silk georgette gowns didn't have time to be soft, as they were violated by agile cut-outs, forced upon latex and bound by sadistic black cord. The model that walked with a confident assertive step, wore her insecurities from the inside out; dominated upon her dress.


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