Monday, 23 July 2012


I rarely buy things on a whim. Usually the process is quite methodical; I pick the item off the rail and go to the changing room for an intense scrutinizing period. I assess the fit of the garment, the potential for staining, ripping, shrinking etc. I create at least three possible outfits that the item could create or add to, with clothes already in my wardrobe. And for the final stage, I come out of the changing room, do two laps around the shop and if I'm still convinced, I buy it, as long as it's under a tenner. (I'm cheap, what can I say?)

This shirt was different. I saw it, screamed MARY KATRANTZOOOUUUU in my head, grabbed the smallest size and bought it. AAANNNDD it was £15. I know, I know, employment has made me go nuts with my money. I even picked up a pair of wedge trainers on ebay for £25. I'll be bankrupt soon enough.

And on the same shopping trip, honest to God, I decided to absolutely splash out and get some new lipstick, as I'm getting sick of red. So with the pound signs in my eyes I picked up the new Revlon lip stain balm stuff in a fairly fluorescent orange shade. (wearing above) For the first hour or so it looked great but when I nipped to the bathroom to have a look, my face appeared clown-like. The orange was taking over my face. The residue made it look like I'd eaten a bag of carrots, taken an allergic reaction, had a seizure and foamed at the mouth. Attractive eh? I think I'm better on a budget.

Shirt - H&M - £15
cardigan - H&M  - £10
jeans - Tesco - £10
wedge trainers - ebay - £25


  1. omg those wedges.... NEED! :)

  2. Your wedges are great! Also how much I love Mary Katrantzou will never be fully realised. Even people like Alesha Dixon wearing that MK for Toppers dress hasn't spoilt her for me.

  3. GIVE IT TO MEEEE !!!! :)
    Look like the Isabel Marant, don't they?

  4. Wow - loving the wedges - they are GREAT!! Bargainous...when the bank account is out of the red, I'm all over them :) Avril x