Thursday, 31 May 2012

Men in leggings

Tonight I'm heading to the MAC theatre in Cathedral Quarter to see Sweet Charity with the FABB ladies and, if you scroll down, you will see that I decided to wear the stupid shoes again.

I am determined to make these ankle slicers comfortable. Following the advice of Anna Montgomery, I filled them with a bag of water and put them in the freezer overnight to stretch them. But when I took them out in the morning, the stupid demon shoes still hurt so I have resorted to covering my feet with plasters and walking without putting my heels on the ground. This makes me look like a drunken ballerina.

So anyway, earlier today I got the train to Belfast and tip toed the whole way to college to meet my boyfriend. I was standing outside his shorthand class when a man who looked quite like MC Hammer walked very close to me and stopped in front of my face. 

He stood there with his backwards baseball cap, baggy basketball shirt and as I looked down I noticed that he was wearing LEGGINGS. Actual leggings. A man in leggings.

He asked me what I was doing and I said: "Waiting for my boyfriend." He came a bit closer, PUT HIS HAND ON MY BACK, and said: "Would you like me to wait with you?" 

I kid you not.

I politely declined and began to edge away. He then asked me for my number "in case my boyfriend kept me waiting too long" and when I failed to reply, we both stood in silence for a good ten seconds before he just walked away. I hate Belfast Met.

Polka-dot Shirt - H&M - £10
Jeans - Tescos - £10
Belt - Mum's wardrobe
Stupid shoes - New Look - £14


  1. Creepy!!! Maybe he was attracted by those gorgeous shoes? ;) Enjoy tonight - will miss you all xx

  2. Leopard print lures in the crazies!!lol!