Wednesday, 30 May 2012

stupid shoes

 I enjoy summer in Northern Ireland. Despite the gentlemen with their taps aff, ladies with their baps out,
excessive sweating and sunburn because it's not hot enough to put sun cream on, it's nice to have a bit of good weather. Even if it only lasts four days.

Along with the blue skies comes that sunny disposition making you forget that you don't have enough money to buy four ice lollies every hour and the fact that it will eventually rain again.

On Monday, I was walking (and sweating) around Belfast and decided to buy a new pair of flat shoes. Now, I don't like flat shoes and tend not to wear them because I have "a well turned calf" and stubby legs that need elongation. But it was warm, the birds were singing and I thought a pair of leopard print pumps for £14 in New Look sounded like THE BEST IDEA EVER.

Of course I was wrong. As well as having no practical need for flat shoes, they are so uncomfortable and have cut my ankles to shreds like a cheese grater. I mean there was real life bleeding and everything.
However, being the tight-fisted shopper I am, I'm determined to find a purpose for these shoes or a way to make them not ruin my feet. I've tried insoles, heel grips and putting bricks on top of them to flatten them slightly. So if anyone has suggestions they are most welcome.

In other news, I bought the latest edition of ELLE today with David Beckham on the cover. He looks ok. Don't believe the hype.

top - old dress from H&M - £10
burgundy cords - Tescos - £8
belt- mum's wardrobe
stupid shoes - New Look - £14

And here's a picture of me sneezing.


  1. They look a little big tight where your wee toes go - maybe need to stretch them a lil at the front. Stuff them with damp newspaper :)

  2. You are hilarious I love the sneezing photo especially!!think the shoes are too tight but I love the outfit it's really cool!

  3. see the shoes are waaay too big so i stuffed them with insoles to make them fit better and stop the rubbing against my heels. That kind of worked but then that made them tighter at the top. I think i'm going to have to bin them or find another use for them. Maybe I'll grow cress in them! And thanks Kellie, I'm such an attractive sneezer so i thought i'd share.

  4. I had these shoes and they cut the toes off me. Now I wear them to school. I literally just takes perseverance! They are nice though!

  5. heehee cute but ouch ouch ouch! Such a funny post, thanks for the giggle!

    Nic x

  6. Lol this post. I have a solution for you on the shoes. eBay! But clean the blood off first :) x