Thursday, 20 January 2011


I usually tend to keep my distance from menswear; for some reason it just doesn’t seem to be any of my business but there has been one collection that has got chins wagging and, never one to shy away from the gossip, i thought i’d join the party.
Every article i have read about Nicola Formichetti starts with the words “lady gaga’s stylist” but after today, he is an enigma of his own kind. The japanese/italian stylist has unveiled his debut collection for Mugler, entitled “the anatomy of change”. This intriguing name combined with some electrifying promo-shots has suggested a “brand reconstruction” of sorts; odd, given that thierry mugler is alive and well and his label continues to thrive…nevertheless, all was explained today in a collection of 35 shocking looks.
“The anatomy of change” primarily focused on tailoring and suits but was interspersed with eccentric pieces of unconventional textiles such as rubber, plastic and latex- what else do you expect form gaga’s bff?!! Colours were mainly of black, navy and blue hues with some bright orange punctuation.
Formichetti labelled his designing début as “wearable with a touch of wonder”; i found this to be an apt description when applied simply to the clothing but when considering the show as a whole, it was more of a conceptual collection. Organza veils, latex gloves, masks, pearls, greased hair and bondage head-gear sprinkled a sinister tone over the collection. There was also an unanticipated star of the show who further added to that dark, forboding atmosphere; his name is Rico, an unknown man turned model with his face and body tattooed to mirror the image of a skeleton.
Nicola Formichetti has filtered his creativity into the perfect outlet but for some reason, the impact was lacking. Has fashion gone so far that we have become immune to the shock factor? What will it take to stir a jolt of hysteria? Maybe wrapping a popstar in a dress made entirely of meat….no, that’s a bit too far…
Mugler Fall 2011 Menswear Mugler Fall 2011 MenswearMugler Fall 2011 Menswear

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