Friday, 25 February 2011

modern warfare

(versace a/w 2011)

Donatella Versace  has brandished an army and started a war, bringing bloodshed to last the winter of 2011.

The designer aligned the troops to assert her creative authority. By employing rigid military tactics, the Versace kingdom sought to conquer milan one lace-up-suede-stripper-boot at a time.

The result was an all out battle with the Versace girls dominating in the field of colour. The provision of accessories administered an elegant clash of blue, green and purple with an officer red, effectuating an eclectic uniform of striking hues. Donatella's chosen silhouette was authoritarian/dominatrix using clean militant lines, leather box pleats, lean cropped cargo pants and powerfully tailored deputy jackets, expelling grandeur.

The affectionate employment of the entrapping tulip motif juxtaposed romantically with the combatant conviction, implying hope through the harsh barrage, breaking the hostility of sharp gold medals and warmongering trinkets.

For the finale, Versace unleashed an army of oscar worthy gowns; rich in vanquishing frothy feathers and body-con panelling to celebrate a victorious reign over milan fashion week.

I don't usually condone violence but i'm getting a taste for fashion onslaught...

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