Monday, 28 February 2011

hey, hey, hey, HEY

Stefano and Domenico may be feeling some 80's nostalgia as the playfulness of their diffusion line, D&G, trickled into this newest collection.

Simple mind's "don't you forget about me" was playing in my mind, on repeat as a "brat pack" fond androgyny coursed through the veins of this show.

The models blurred the lines of gender distinction in mod style tuxedos, trilby's, winklepickers and boyish ankle socks which disruptively paralleled with Molly Ringwald adolescent feminine pieces. Our love struck heroines wrapped themselves in star spangled dresses supplemented with school girl socks and timid flat brogues.

Within the John Hughes fashion love story, the dolce and gabbana girls matured into curvaceous temptresses with quaint printed dresses strapped around the body, juxtaposing masculine lines and devising some signature sex kitten purr.

(let's lose the bum-bags though, eh?)


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