Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Granny Girl

I like granny clothes. I like Laura Ashley dresses, thick cardigans, a sensible heel and thermal underwear. And, I admit it; some times when I'm out in bars and the music's too loud my heart yearns for a cup of tea and Coronation Street.

Today was the CIPR 'meet the bloggers' event and, as I stood in a crowd of snappy dressed youngsters, it dawned on me that I dress like an old fogey. I said to myself  "I must get myself a pair of those snazzy skinny jeans all the kids are wearing these days." But then I thought naah, I'll stick with my patterned dress, pretend I'm Betty Draper and go home, light a candle and have a nice wee bath.

dress, £15 Primark
shoes, £13 New Look


  1. Glad you decided to do an OOTD! I love them :) You look nothing like an ld fogey though. Very 1950's x

  2. Lana I love your dress, esp with those red shoes. I'd love to dress like you - go for it!

    Nic x

  3. Love the dress! It's not granny like at all :)

  4. very classic Lana, I love it!

  5. yiz are wee dotes <3 thanks, I might bring back orthopaedic sandals with opaque tights