Friday, 18 May 2012

wardrobe malfunction

I was having lunch with my boyfriend today and that weird thing happened where I thought he was staring at my hair but wasn't entirely sure. So I became quite conscious and tried to ignore it but could still see him glancing. And then I grew paranoid. "WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY HAIR?" I asked him.

"Nothing. Nothing's wrong with your hair, it's lovely," he said, but he was still looking at it in between mouthfuls.

 "Well why do you keep staring at me?"

"Ok, it might just be my eyes, but it looks like you have one really dark eyebrow and one really light one."

I finished my burger (because food comes first) and half ran to the toilet with my head down. I looked in the mirror and had in fact forgotten to draw one eyebrow on. But, alas, that was not all.

When I took a good look in the full length mirror, it appeared that my nice yellow dress was not only COMPLETELY see-through but the back of it was hitched up into my jacket, exposing my arse. Eugh, at least it explains the staring.

transparent dress, H&M, £8
cardigan, H&M, £10
ankle boots, granny gave them to me

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